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Kaspersky KIS + KAV Full Activation

One Time Activation - You Only Have To Do These Steps Once

Works even if you have a key already installed, just delete the key!

Tricks the Kaspersky servers into thinking YOU are part of the beta program and gives you a free key every time you need it!

download kasperskey internet security

Install your fresh download of Kaspersky, and open it up. If anything asks you to activate the product choose "Activate Later". This also works even if you have a key already installed, just delete the key and follow these steps. In the pictures I'm using Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010, but this hack will work for any of them, including Internet Security, from 2008 and up. Now before you get any farther I suggest completely disconnecting from the internet. It's not necessary, but it is highly advisable until you get your security programs installed. And when I say completely I mean rip that ethernet out of that router, and lay it on the floor. Better safe then sorry.

Once you have Kaspersky installed, we need to take care of a few problematic settings before we can do the hack for your new lifetime license. Go into the settings and uncheck the "Enable Protection" box under Protection.

Next uncheck "Enable Self Defense" and "Disable external service control" under Options.

Once you apply these new settings you'll get a pop up box saying "Protection is disabled". Or if in 2010 you may get one like the above picture saying "Connections Terminated" with a countdown timer if you're still connected to the internet. If you get the 2nd just click "No" and then continue with the hack. You need to turn off those settings in order to be able to preform the hack otherwise Kaspersky blocks the changes and you wont get the key. This is why you disconnected from the internet earlier, so that for any reason if you did have a virus or some type of malware it won't be able to do as much since most of them try to send information over the web.

Next go to
and open up regedt32. If you're doing this on a 2009 version in the registry editor go to
or if you're doing this on a 2010 version go to
or if running in Vista 64bit or Windows 7 try looking here
Notice how I underlined Release in "ProductStatus". This is the part that needs to be changed.

If you can't edit.Try this way Restart the PC with safe mode(continuosly press 'F8' before windows startup screen appeared) then try to edit reg key.

You should now see something similar to what I have above. You have just changed your Kaspersky to a Beta release version even though you still have the full version! Now not only do you get regular Kaspersky updates, you can also receive all of their Beta updates too which means even more protection for your PC. Welcome to world of keys given to you by Kaspersky themselves! Things just got a lot easier.

Now exit out of the registry editor and open up Kaspersky again. Nothing seems to have changed right? Still says "License Not Found" and you can't update yet. We just gotta take care of 2 more things first, the same 2 things I had you do at the beginning. Yep, time to check the "Enable Protection" box.

Don't forget to check the "Enable Self Defense" and "Disable external service control" boxes too.

Close the Kaspersky window and go down to the system tray and right click the Kaspersky logo. Choose Activate, and a new window should appear.

You now have the option to "Activate beta version", so check that box.

You may get a message like the one above saying it's impossible to activate Kaspersky with the keyfile. If this happens just restart your computer and everything will work after that.

Hmmm activating online... and it worked!

Kaspersky has just given you your very own activation key straight from their servers! Forget having to search online for a new one every month, and having to download the files (I know key files are like 5kb to download but it's the morals behind it), then extract them, and then install them just to know that you're gonna have to do this all over again next month. Never again, every month you just have to click "Activate beta version" and Kaspersky will give you a new key each time! FOR LIFE

if you having you folder options and control panel disabled?

this will fix the registry,

I felt that my many friends are suffering from small viruses (VB script, exe etc.) so I decided to write this helping them to remove themselves, read this pdf file!

There's no effect for the PC speed and there's no side effects in installing this utility.

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