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Value Payable Post (VPP) - What you should know

No postal article containing coupons, tickets, certificates or introductions designed for the sale of goods on what is known as

the "Snowball System" or for the furtherance of any fraudulent, obscene, immoral or unlawful object or undertaking, or

containing any goods forwarded for sale in accordance with or in pursuance of any such "System", shall be accepted for

transmission by post as a value payable postal article.

Any other postal article may be transmitted as a value payable postal article in accordance with the rules next following if the

amount specified by the sender at the time of posting is not less than Rs.1.00 or more than Rs.2000.00, and does not include

any fraction of a rupee.

Every postal article intended to be transmitted as a by post as a value payable postal article must be presented at the Post Office

with the prescribed printed form, in which the sender must specify the sum of to be remitted to himself and fill in the required

entries. The sender of a postal article intended to be transmitted by post as value payable must mark the words "Value Payable"

and write his name and address clearly (or, in the case of a firm, clearly impress its stamp) on the article itself. Every such

article must be addressed to a particular persons or firm.

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